Building our country.

“If you share our vision,
then we look forward to building with you.“

Jawoyn Contracting was first established to conduct building and construction works on Jawoyn Country. We had been building and managing infrastructure projects with the Jawoyn Rangers and saw an important opportunity in being able to grow a new dedicated workforce and to apply for public and private projects open for tender across the region, especially those on Jawoyn lands. As advocates for Aboriginal people working to build our country, we also believe it is important to invest in Indigenous employment and training, as well as provide opportunities to those living on Jawoyn lands.
John Berto, CEO | Jawoyn Association

Jawoyn Contracting is a proudly 100% Indigenous owned company, and are advocates for Aboriginal people working to build our country.

Our People

The Jawoyn people have been the traditional custodians and owners of Nitmiluk Gorge for thousands of years.


We invite you to share our country.

Since the Jawoyn Association’s beginning more than 30 years ago, we have invited
others to “share our country”.
It is a philosophy taught to us from our Elders.

Jawoyn is recognised among Aboriginal peoples over a large area of the Northern Territory’s ‘Top End’. It is an all-encompassing expression used in reference to language, culture, people and territory.

With 17 clans making up the group, The Jawoyn Association forms a positive role
model for similar organisations to follow. Their business enterprise, human services, and forward planning combined with a vision for economic independence, provides employment and training for Jawoyn people, while maintaining a strong affnity to traditional heritage and cultural ideals.

Nitmiluk National Park is owned by the Jawoyn people and managed under a 99 year lease by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission, in association with Jawoyn people, culture and traditions.

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