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With the $4 million procurement of the new fleet of plant and trucks made possible from a successful grant application, Jawoyn Contracting has the general civil work capability of a medium class earth mover with sufficient plant and trucks to engage in sealed road and pavement construction work anywhere within the Katherine region.

Jawoyn Contracting has selected in house operators and drivers that are competent, suitably licenced and interested in joining the Jawoyn Contracting Civil team prior to seeking new Indigenous employees from the outside. Training for First Aid, White Cards, Traffic Controllers, Plant Operator Tickets, and Truck drivers’ licences will be ongoing.

A significant benefit to the community will be additional employment for Indigenous operators and drivers with a significant upgrading of their skills in the earthmoving and civil engineering fields. Young office administration employees will be mentored and trained in construction and project management.

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Jawoyn Contracting is a proud 100% Indigenous owned company, focused on long term employment and careers, providing stable jobs, and growing the local economy.

We had been building and managing infrastructure projects with the Jawoyn rangers and saw an important opportunity in being able to grow a new dedicated workforce who could apply for public and private projects open for tender across the region particularly those on Jawoyn lands.

As advocates for Aboriginal people working to build our country, we believe it is imperative to invest in Indigenous employment and training as well as provide opportunities to those living on Jawoyn lands. So Jawoyn Contracting was born. We have invested significant resources into being quality contractors in the market. We are here to be a major player in projects on our lands and we are available for business for work across the Big Rivers region, the Top End and beyond.

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